Our Build Process – Step 4

Building & Construction

At the fourth stage of our Build Process, it’s time for us to do what we do best. Over the years, our team has built a network of the best trade professionals in the business. You can trust that your construction team will always deliver the best outcomes - because we make sure of it!

What To Expect At The Building & Construction Stage

By the time you reach this point in your home build, you will have interacted with most of the Harlan Homes team. At this stage, the ones that you’ll be in touch with the most are your Project Manager and Site Manager.

These two people will be working side by side to help your project stay on track. Your dedicated Project Manager will be the one who sends you fortnightly updates on the progress of your build, thanks to the up-to-date information from the Site Manager.

They’ll also be working together in managing the build site. They’ll address any queries or concerns directly with trades and suppliers, maintain a clean and safe site, and ensure construction is running to plan. There’s a lot to manage when it comes to building a house, so it’s important to us that the management team is always standing by.

You’ll also be able to attend the monthly site meetings where we walk you through the progress of your build in person. It’s a great way to witness your house construction step by step, seeing it all come to life at every stage.

The Stages Of A Build

This is a brief summary of the building construction process from start to finish in Australia. There are many little steps to building a house but categorising them into these 5 stages allows you to understand the overall construction process.

1. Pre-Construction Approvals

This stage happens concurrently with the Design, Specifications, and Interior Selections stages of our Build Process. In order for us to begin constructing your home, we will have to get approvals from relevant authorities in order to commence your build.

A DA (Development Application) is sent off to the Council to assess the design proposal and ensure that our building plans meet all the Council requirements. A CC (Construction Certificate) requires an assessment on the actual construction process by the Council, and is required in order for us to commence building and construction.

Alternatively, you can opt for a CDC (Complying Development Checklist) which is a combined approval process for both planning and construction. This can be done through your local Council or by a private certifier.

Generally speaking, approval for DA and CC will take around 6 months, while CDC approval takes about 4 months.

2. Site Preparation & Foundation

This stage will depend a lot on your site and scope of your build. For example, if it’s a Knockdown & Rebuild project, it will involve demolishing the existing home on site. Other potential site works include flattening the ground, removing rocks, and building retaining walls. Once the site is ready, it’s time to lay down your foundation! This will include installing drainage and moisture barriers before pouring the slab.

3. Framing

Construction of the building frames and external walls, as well as roofing, cladding, and insulation will occur at this stage. Electricians and plumbers will also be coming in at this point to install all the wiring and pipes required for water, power, and gas.

4. Lockup

This is when your home will be locked up, secure, and weatherproof! At this stage of the construction process, trades can complete all the interior and exterior work required for your home, including installation of doors and windows.

5. Fit-out

The fit-out stage is where all the finishing touches will come in. These include fittings and fixtures like lights, powerpoints, benchtops, cabinetry, tapware, and basins – everything you need to make your house a home.

6. Completion

This is the one of the final project stages in construction before we hand over your keys! This is where all the painting, detailing, and installation of appliances will take place. At this point of the build, we will make sure that it’s all systems go and your house is ready to live in.

What Comes Next?

You’re near the end now! Up next – you’ll be able to inspect your build and receive the keys to your brand new dream home.

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After taking your house construction step by step you now have your dream home

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