Our Build Process – Step 5

Final Inspection & Handover

You made it! You’ve reached the final stage of the Harlan Homes Build Process. It’s now time for your Final Inspection & Handover. Put simply, final inspection is what happens in the weeks after the completion of your build, followed by the handover of keys so you can finally move into your new home. While we group them together, the final inspection and handover are actually two separate things. However, since both steps occur in very quick succession, we’ll explain them both here.

handover inspection is the last step of the Harlan Homes build process

What To Expect At Final Inspection

When you build with Harlan Homes, you’ll be able to be a part of the process from the very start, and this includes monthly site visits during the Building & Construction stage. The final inspection – sometimes also called a handover inspection – is your last chance to do a final walkthrough the workmanship of your home and ensure that everything is as you expect it to be.

An inspector will also be there with their own checklist for final inspection to ensure that the home is compliant with the relevant building plans and specifications, and has been completed to an acceptable standard before you can move in. Our goal is to achieve zero defects or maintenance issues in your new home.

If there are any issues that need to be addressed, it will be included in a final inspection report and will need to be resolved before handover. You can expect a timely and quality-first approach to any maintenance issues or defect items that do arise, coordinated by a dedicated Maintenance Manager.

What To Expect On Handover Day

Once your final inspection process is complete and all issues on the final home inspection checklist have been rectified, you will receive a Certificate of Final Inspection and/or an Occupation Certificate that signifies that your home is move-in ready.

We will be in touch then to schedule your handover to take place at your house. Handover day is an exciting milestone! On handover day, you not only will you receive the keys to your new home, but also the relevant paperwork including certificates of inspection, product warranties for the appliances that we’ve installed, and other documentation for services like electricity, gas, water, or sewerage.

Time To Enjoy Your New Home!

All the hard work and patience has paid off, and you now get to move into your brand new dream home. A bespoke home designed and built exactly to your specifications and made to suit your lifestyle to a tee.

Because at Harlan Homes, we specialise in building simply beautiful family homes, crafted to be enjoyed for generations to come.

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The experienced team at Harlan Homes are what makes us one of the most trusted custom home builders in Sydney and surrounds. Led by our in-house Architect and Design Development Manager, Riccardo Ranieri (Ric), our design team strikes that perfect balance between creativity and pragmatism, helping you design and build the family home of your dreams

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Harlan Homes is a home renovation builder serving the areas in and around Sydney. Renovators that are experienced in both smaller and larger projects can be hard to come by, so we pride ourselves in being able to plan and build renovations that suit your home and specific needs, no matter the size or scale of the project.

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If you’ve found the perfect lot to build on, but it has an older home in need of demolition on site, then a knockdown and rebuild is the best option for you. We are knockdown rebuild specialists that can help you with design, planning, approvals, demolition and construction.

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As turn key home builders, Harlan Homes can deliver a custom home that is equipped with all your favourite features both inside and outside the home. From larger projects like pool and landscaping, to smaller details like driveways and letterboxes, our team can create your dream home from start to finish.

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